Eight Limbs Yoga Method™ Book (346 pages PDF --ebook version

The Eight Limbs Yoga Method Book has a release date of April 15th, 2015. The initial release will be in pdf format. Order now and recieve a 10% discount. Namaste

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Welcome to the Eight Limbs Yoga Method™ (ELYM) Book (346 pages)

Rather you're new to yoga, an on-going student, teacher or, even a yoga training facilitator; the ELYM book will prove to be an indispensable tool in your continued growth and yoga journey forward. The book and method was written for people interested in wanting to take a more holistic approach to their physical, mental, spiritual and emotional well-being. Regardless of one's age, gender, religion or skill level, the ELYM™ is the first ever self-guided yoga training companion designed to work with one's emotional make-up or intelligence thereof. The books approach to yoga and wellness is methodical, measurable, yet explosively creative. Moreover, it's storyline is specifically designed to coincide with your life's personal circumstances and personal timeline.

Dispersed and prefaced in throughout the book is fifty-two (52) different poses, meditations, mudras, affirmations, workbook questions and journal inquiry exercises. The programs under-pinning has been a ten year design and verify process. And now, within minutes, you'll easily be able to interact with and master the many different elements of its curricula. It is within the space and lines of this book that one will learn how to more effectively cultivate a mindful yoga practice... in greater awareness, And, the book will also help lend itself, one's effort, the many different solutions to attracting a more harmonious and emotionally balanced life. Moreover, the book will teach one how to cross over from the border of ordinary awareness and harness the multiple epiphanies of extra ordinary thought and awareness.

I’d like to now introduce you to a few the books operating principles and ideas. Unlike a novel, one needn’t read or work through the book from beginning to end. As a matter of fact, the book may be utilized and worked through from many different page or chapter orders. Paradoxically, the book is based  both on the "Seasons of one's life"... and also the four Seasons of the year. Having said that, the book and method breaks down into 52 constituent or different parts. Each of the 52 parts is considered a spread. As one would assume, each spread has two pages belonging to it: a left and right hand side. Embedded on the left hand side of the spread is the workbook questions page and the right hand is the Journal entry page. As earlier alluded, one needn't complete all the elements contained on each spread in one sitting. (Although, this approach is completely possible should one choose to work this way). However, I do encourage one to think of the ELYM and book as a living autobiography: a friendship and synergy of emergence where Wisdom and Light come together. Therefore, one should feel free to float around the explore the books many different possibilities. And..., based on one's self-regulating process swiftly create a dynamic platform from which to begin their "journey." After a short while, one begins to see and know the personality and playfulness upon which they created. (Click here for more)